Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Top 13

There's always room for J-Lo

The Top 13 sang tonight. The guys did Stevie Wonder songs and the girls did Whitney. Here are my rankings from best to worst:

Hollie Cavanagh - my personal favorite of all the contestants
Jessica Sanchez - did a great job and could win it

Phillip Phillips - favorite guy, but too joe cocker-ish
Skylar Laine - one of my top 3 girls, makes country enjoyable

Deandre Brackensick - master blaster was actually pretty good
Erika Van Pelt - ok, but not a fave
Colton Dixon - daniel boone hair did ok, liked it
Heejun Han - like him, but a little pitchy
Jeremy Rosado - ok, but cannot win it

Jermaine Jones - wtf?
Elise Testone - should not be in the Top 10
Shannon Magrane - out of her league
Joshua Ledet - don't like the tone of his yelling


Reagan James' Mom said...

Reagan & I didn't start watching until #5 - Colton. Reagan has AWANA on Wed nights and we don't get home until about 7:30p. I thought Mary J. Blige was great -- really helpful. Wow, Stevie Wonder & Whitney Houston -- what tough artists to live up to! I can't believe how young the majority of the contestants are! Steven Tyler still really doesn't have much to say this season. I kind of like him anyway for his quirkiness, but holy smokes, could you say something helpful?

Johnnny: interesting that I didn't hear three of your bottom four.

5. Colton...pretty nice.
6. key, sorry, not good.
7. DeAndre...his normal talking voice was a bit strange, but with his singing voice I thought he did quite well. Like Steven Tyler, I thought he gave it a reggae feel. Not sure yet if I like how he bounces himself and his ponytail around...hmmm, we'll see.
8. Skylar...she seemed very comfortable and natural on stage. I thought she did great. Reagan said, "She has an accident (accent)."
9. his sense of humor! Nicely done.
10. fave so far.
11. his practice session I thought he was going to be in trouble but I thought he sang it well on stage. I agreed more with JLo & ST.
12. Jessica...she gave me goose bumps at the beginning. Awesome -- best I heard!
13. Phillip...did his parents really give him the name Phillip, or is that his stage name? Phillip Phillips -- a little much. However, I really liked how he rocked out Superstition.

My faves: 1. Jessica...2. Phillip...3...Hollie

Bottom: Shannon, and from the clips I saw at the end of singers 1-4, I'd say Elise & Jermaine as well.

Kit said...

Brenna, for not seeing the first 4 singers, I think you nailed your predictions!

I have to say I was pretty surprised last night by how GOOD a couple of these finalists were! I thought I was really only interested in Phillip Phillips (agree with Brenna about the name, Thanks a lot mom & dad) but there were some awesome performances:

Jessica Sanchez: Wow. For as many times as that song's been sung on Idol it has always been a mistake. Until her. Wow.

Hollie: Holy crap what a voice. Also love her restraint and how dang cute she is.

Phillip: I loved this, but hope to hear him do a ballad or something different than the Dave-Matthews-on-espresso routine.

Deandre: Whiplash kinda hit it "out da park". I thought I was gonna hate it, but I actually loved it. Agree with JLo that he's got RHYTHM.

Shannon: Surprisingly bad. Maybe she could be a model, gosh she's gorgeous, but she may be tone deaf.

Skylar: who knew someone could turn a Whitney song country and it could be awesome?

The rest, in order of ok to "seriously?" are:

And in a tie for Adios:
Jermaine and Elise. And Shannon.

Johnnny said...

Wow! All 4 in my D category and 2 from the C group were in the bottom 6. In the end, Jeremy Rosado got sent packing, and SAD is in the middle of his name. Now we are left with the Top 12. Did anyone hear what the theme is for next time?

Reagan James' Mom said...

I didn't get to see the results show last night so I'm finding out from Johnnny's post who got cut...Jeremy. I didn't think he was great but I also didn't think he was the worst.

Have a great weekend!