Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Merican Idle

American Idol Notes - March 31, 2009
Grouped by Grade

Adam: Played that funky music.
Danny Go: Good but can he win?
Allison Red Head: Looked like Pebbles.
Kris Allen: Pretty good.
Anoop: Just OK.
Megan: female Jason Castro - is she even trying?
Matt: song choice really sucked.
Lil: lots of yelling.
Scott: please go back to Scottsdale (and bring Alexis Grace back into the competition).


Reagan James' Mom said...

I only got to hear Adam and Kris who I thought were both very good. I'm so glad Adam stayed with the look from last week (hair & attire). His performance reminded me a little bit like Prince, especially with those really high notes. I was never a Kris fan and up to this point I just thought he was average, but I really liked his performance tonight.

Here's my take on the little snipets I saw of the rest of the AI hopefuls:

Anoop: Average...but at least he didn't put us to sleep like last week.
Megan: From the tiny bit I saw it didn't sound so good. I like your observation, Johnnny, that she's this year's Jason Castro. However, I don't think she'll make it to the final four.
Danny, Allison, Matt & Lil: Good but not stand out performances.
Scott: Better than last week but still just OK.

Bottom: Scott, Megan

Beth said...

Kris and believe it or not, Scott! had the best performances last night and I'm not a fan of either. Of course, Adam did well (not as good as last week). Allison started out strong with "Don't Speak" but it sucked for the rest of the song. Danny is boring me to tears as is Anoop. I can't understand Lil - she was such a frontrunner and seems to be struggling each week.

Please, can we send Megan home?!?!? She is AWFUL.

Johnnny said...

Quite honestly, ever since Alexis Grace didn't make it into the Top 10 (so she could go on tour), my interest in the show dropped like the stock market. It would maybe go back up a bit if Scottsdale Scott would get canned. Sorry to say it, but he has to be surviving solely on sympathy votes, because the sound of his voice ain't doing it! Would you pay hard-earned money to hear his version of Billy Joel's Don't Go Changin? Iguana Boy Adam Ant started sticking his tongue out again during Play That Funky Music. If I was a fly, I'd be afraid of getting zapped. Allison did look like Pebbles from the Flintstoners but instead of cute, she is the cromagnon version.

Kit said...

I agreed with Kara last night...that every week I'm most interested to see what Adam is going to do. He could channel Robert Plant or do some crazy version of Cher! For me, that makes him the most exciting part of the show right now. I've said it before, but it reminds me of the season with Blake - where he always put his own spin on the songs. Love that.

I also really loved Kris last night. Kind of a J.T. vibe. Seems like he's getting better every week, UNLIKE...

Megan - what the? Yeah, with her style why wouldn't she have done an Amy Winehouse or Adele song? Honestly, she is getting BO-RING. Plus it's a total turn off that she keeps referring to her fans like she's already a star.

Danny - used to love him, getting a little tired. He's still ok, but I wouldn't say he's on an upswing right now.

Lil - Yuck. Of all the great songs to pick from she goes with that one? Duh, we know she can sing, but quit with the snoozer tunes.

Allison - For some reason her voice just kind of grates on me. It's like she's way overdoing the rocker effect in her sound and pronunciation. Also, hate the "Pebbles" look.

Matt - ZZZ
Anoop - ZZZZZZ

Although I'd like to see Scott go, I think it could be Matt this week. I actually had to read Brenna's email to remember him. I doubt that Megan will go since there are only 3 girls left. Seems like Matt's got potential, but somehow he's kind of forgettable.

Johnnny said...

Bottom Three:

Who's safe?
Allison, you are safe.

Who's going home?


Reagan James' Mom said...

I haven't watched the show yet (it's 6pms here) but I checked Johnnny's blog for some early results...and Johnnny pulled through for me! The only reason I'm going to flip on AI once in awhile tonight is to catch David Cook's performance -- I hope it's good.

So, Megan got the boot -- makes sense. I was surprised Scott wasn't in the bottom three, though. Somehow he keeps hanging on.

Susie said...

Adam, Kris and Danny are my favorites. I think they are top contenders. I like Allison too and you are right, she does remind me of Pebbles.