Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Americ Anidol

There's always room for JLo
It's time 4 the Top Thirteen remaining American Idol contestants 2 once again sing to stay in it. We're now down 2: Ashthon, Casey, Haley, Jacob, James, Karen, Lauren, Naima, Paul, Pia, Scott, Stefano and Thia.


Johnnny said...

Ellen was first to comment on the Top 13 performances but since those comments are on our previous AmIdol post, I will bring them forward to this post.

Ellen wrote: We have a new judge on American Idol--his name is Herb Doele. Herb says: "See ya, Thia." "Not carin' for Karen." "Pia's gonna". 4 favs coming out for me. They are: Haley (quit pickin on her judges--she is great!), Naima, James and Casey. And Paul gets 50 points for working that stage--somebody bottle that!

Johnnny said...

Johnnny thought it goes like this:
Very Top: James Durbin.
Top: Casey and Pia.
Middle: All unmentioned.
Bottom: Karen, Scott, Ashthon.

Beth said...

You are like me - LOVED James' version of my all-time favorite McCartney song - and he did it without yelling!

Pia was great - but I wish they would've given credit where it is due. That's an Eric Carmen song - not Celine Dion!

Casey killed on the Joe Cocker song. Song like him, moved like him. Very cool.

The rest were forgettable. Stefano really disappointed me. What's with all these songs that nobody knows? I didn't know the Stevie Wonder, Ryan Adams, Selena or Diana Ross song at all. That's a vote killer.

Bottom dwellers: Ashthon, Karen and Paul.

Ellen said...

E likes these two new AI-on-J'sW terms:
bottom dwellers

Reagan James' Mom said...

This is my first time hearing everyone so I have no prior knowledge of what they've done so far. I missed #2, 3 & 4. I liked that they worked with song producers. Also, it seems like a pretty strong 13. I didn't really hear anyone who stood out as being bad. And nobody seemed annoying -- they all seemed likeable. I know Paul is quite unique, I wish I would have heard him.

#1 Lauren...It was just OK, but she was very sweet.
#2 Casey...?
#3 Ashton...?
#4 Paul...?
#5 Pia...Beautiful, and a beautiful girl, too.
#6 James...I liked his version of the song...he seems like a cool dude. He kind of reminded me of Adam Lambert with his high pitch.
#7 Haley...Agreed with Randy that it was a little sleepy, especailly after James -- but I would like to see what she can do
#8 Jacob...He has awesome range. Funny, though, I wasn't crazy about the song.
#9 Thia...I thought she had a pretty voice but it wasn't a super performance. Would like to see her back.
#10 Stefano...I didn't like it. I know the judges thought he pulled off a pretty difficult thing but I couldn't get into it. Maybe it was too hard for me to get past Stevie's version -- which I love.
#11 Karen...Not as strong as the others. Too bad, it sounded like she had an "off" night.
#12 Scotty...Wow, I didn't expect that deep voice to come out of him. He was alright. His head tilt bugged me a little.
#13 Naima...I liked her! She may not have had the best voice of the night but she was fun. She'd be an interesting one to watch.

Of the singers I heard, I put Lauren, Karen & Scotty at the bottom.

Kit said...

Wow! Lots of action on the post this year, that's cool!

My fave last night by FAR was James Durbin. Thought he was amazing.

Even tho Pia did sing well, she's way too goody-goody Miss America for me.

Haley surprised me by singing great and taming her overt sexuality enough so that I could watch her without being uncomfortable.

Also, I think Naima is kind of interesting after her out-of-the-box thing last night.

I am a fan of Casey, but thought last night was just so-so.

Bottom: Karen and the jumpsuit.

Also, I really disliked Paul last night. Thought if I closed my eyes he sounded like an old black woman, which is a little wierd.

Is anybody else missing Simon? I'm already sick of all 3 of the judges being nice. After Karen sang I was just craving one of Simon's "that was indulgent karaoke rubbish" comments. Hopefully Randy will start "keepin it real".

Reagan James' Mom said...

Kit: I'd like it if Simon was still around, too!

What happened to the other two -- Kara & Ellen? They didn't last long.

I'm surprised that Steven is as nice as he is...I thought he'd be a little tougher. J.Lo is a little like Paula in that she's emotional, but at least she's not as annoying!

Johnnny said...

It sounds like Maui could be getting a six foot tsunami at about 3:27AM. Tsunamis are bad, mmKay. Save the turtles, mmKay.

Kit said...

Gotta say I'm glad Ashthon went home last night...if for no other reason than the spelling of her name. WT?

It was fun to see Adam Lambert again too - thought he looked great (healthier than some of his recent appearances) and seemed happy. What ever happened to: Chris Allen, Lee DeWyze?

Johnnny said...

Kris Allen is allegedly a pawn broker on a human chessboard. Lee Dewyze would possibly be hosting a roller skating park that's attached to a petting zoo. I wish ALam (Adam's Lambert) would have sung Mad World for old times sake. Prediction: Karen gets voted off nexta weeka. As Herby said: "Not carin' for Karen." Sorry! You are the weakest link...Goodbye.

Reagan James' Mom said...

I missed the results show, which means I missed Adam Lambert -- bummer! He's still Reagan's favorite singer! Did you know he was nominated for a Grammy this year (for his song, What Do You Want From Me)?

I'm still wondering what happened to Ellen & Kara...did they decide they didn't want to judge another year or did they get the boot? Thanks for any info!

Thank God the Tsunami did minimal damage here. Kihei & turtles were unscathed...mmKay.