Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Eleven 2 Ten

Ryan John Seacrest: The Next Johnny Carson
Ryan Seacrest will once again play host to American Idol. As a child, young Ryan would always have a little microphone and "do shows" at his home. On his next show, we will go from 11 to 10 finalists. The Top 10 finalists get to go on tour this summer. Who do you think will be eliminated this week? Going out on a limb, I predict Haley Reinhart will not make the Top Ten. Sorry!

A one-of-kind Ryan Seacrest tapestry


Johnnny said...

In order of favorite to win:
James Durbin (top contender!)
Casey Abrams (bit too raspy)
Naima Adedapo (best female!)
Jacob Lusk (too lusky!)
Lauren Alaina (2nd best female)
Paul McDonald (likeable)
Pia (good but lacks connection)
Thia (improving but limited)

Bottom Three:
Stefano (closed open eyes)
Haley (on borrowed time)
Scott (had enough of him!)

Ellen said...

Say it ain't so, Joe-Johnny! Hailey's always held a little tender spot in my heart this season. My prediction: James and Casey will have to duke it out for the title in the first ever American Idol Sumo Wrestling match, just to pick a winner! Isn't it downright amazing how much these contestants improve in a season? James, dog, you knocked it out of the park again!

Johnnny said...

Yo Yo Ellen! Looking at my notes from during the snow, Haley had 3 backup singers, and she barely stood out from them. For some reason, the judges seemed to really be trying to help prop Haley up with good comments, but I do feel that she is singing on borrowed time. Sorry! On a 1-10 scale, I gave Haley (and Stefano) a 6, and gave Scotty "Opie" McCreery a 4! James Durbin got a 9.5!

Johnnny said...

I was not actually taking notes during the snow, but rather during the show. Maybe after this long cold winter, Johnnny has snow on the brain. Enough already! :o)

Beth said...

Johnnny: like your top three. They were my favorites too. African dance with drums was kinda cool and I've always liked James' vibe. Casey looked presentable and not his Fozzy Bear self.

Surprising me:
I actually liked Paul. No weird dance moves and a solid performance. I can't believe I just said.

Stephano - don't you DARE take on David Cook's "Hello". Sacrilegious.

Pia: youre beautiful with a great voice but you bore me to tears.

Bottom 3:

Going home: Thia

Reagan James' Mom said...

I missed first 4 singers...Casey, Thia, Jacob & Lauren.

Stefano (alright - not as good as last week).
Haley (pretty good - better than last week)
Scotty (same thing every week - boring)
Pia (beautiful voice - agree with judges that she needs to change it up or she'll become boring, too, even with her amazing pipes)
Paul (pretty good - so much better than last week. I love this's on Adam Lambert's first CD and his version is awesome)
Naima (liked it - her vocals aren't as strong as most of the group but she's entertaining)
James (was my favorite! I think I said this before, but he reminds me of Adam Lambert)

Bottom: Thia, Scotty, Lauren

Elizabeth M. said...

I love Casey! Also I like Paul, but he is a little quirky with his goofy dance moves and I feel like his voice is a little contrived sometimes. Pia has incredible voice, but I agree that she needs to connect more.

Kit said...

Yeah, what is it about Pia that nobody seems to feel any connection with her? Maybe she's too "in her head" like the judges said. I agree, great pipes, no Pow!

Pretty much agree with most of y'all...James is awesome, Casey's kinda cool, Naima's different and interesting.

I also find myself kind of liking least she does seem to connect with the audience.

Have to disagree with Beth on Casey's look, tho...I think he does look like Fozzy Bear, or rather, a wolfman from the goofy side of the forest. The beard doesn't necessarily have to go, but maybe a trim?

Does anyone else think Scotty looks like a 17 yr. old George Bush?

Can Steven Tyler say anything bad?

Going home: Thia, which is unfortunate because I think her voice is cool, but she's just not showing up to compete.

Kit said...

Brenstar, I can't believe you would put Scotty in your bottom 3! You're in BIG trouble.

Reagan James' Mom said...

I caught the last 5 minutes of the results show when Stefano & Casey were on stage. I was so surprised to see Casey up there! I thought he was going to pass out when he got saved by the judges -- pretty dramatic! I'm glad he'll be around, though. I agree with the judges that he deserves to be there.

Kit: I think Scotty is a fine country singer and his deep voice is pretty cool, but I think he's a little boring. It's so wild to hear that deep voice while looking at a baby face. He seems like a nice guy, just not my style.