Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Top Twelve

Randy Jackson in his previous life
We are down to our Top Twelve on Season 10 of American Idol. Who do you think will be sent home this week? At this point, which contestants do you think will end up in Final Three? The Top 12 will be singing songs from the year they were born. (Currently the average age is: 21.)
Click on the "Top Twelve" title (above) to log your predictions and comments about this week's action.


Kit said...

As Reagan James Miles would say, "My predict" for the top 3 is:

James Durbin
Lauren Alaina
Naima Adedapo

These aren't necessarily my favorite 3, just my PREDICT :)

Can't wait for tonight!

Johnnny said...

Johnnny predicts the following make it to the Final Three: James Durbin, Pia Toscano, and Casey Abrams (even tho he is now having some health problems). I also predict that Karen is let go this week. Sorry!

Reagan James' Mom said...

I missed Naima...shoot! I liked her last week and was looking forward to seeing what she was going to do last night. From Kit's "predict" it looks like she did a good job. I also missed Jacob.

Top: Stefano, Pia
Bottom: Haley, Karen

Johnnny said...

Here's how I scored their performances (on a 1-10 scale):
9: Casey, Lauren
8: James, Stefano, Pia
7: Haley, Thia
6: Naima, Scott
5: Jacob, Paul, Karen
This is how Johnnny scored it and I'm sticking to it! Any questions?

Kit said...

Overall, I wasn't really too blown away with anyone last night. Favorites were:

James Durbin - good, although the arrangement seemed rushed & it seemed like he had to scramble to get all the words in.

Stefano - probably thought he was the best of the night and for sure his personal best performance. What a cutie.

Lauren Alaina - she's starting to come into her own, what a great voice...when she focuses on what she's doing. Sometimes it's sooooo obvious that she's 16.

Specifically did NOT like:

Jacob Lusk! Stop the vibrato! This was a drag queen yellfest. Yuck. The judges liked it? WT?

Paul McDonald. Ugh. That was painful. He could go home.

As far as the rest, they were ok but could've been better. I thought Casey's Nirvana cover was going to be great, but it kinda turned into angry scream session. Thia has such a pretty voice but picks really lame songs. Scott should just go start recording his country album now.

Going home: Karen (weak voice) or possibly Paul. My pick would be Jacob.

Beth said...

I didn't get to watch the results show until the last 5 minutes and was relieved that Karen went home although I agree with Kit - Paul is ripe to go and Jacob is just dramatic.

Couldn't agree with you more on Casey. I was psyched to hear his rendition and instead of being cool, it was just lame and screechy. Ick. Not my favorite James performance either. I though Stefano did the best.

Naima is living on borrowed time too.

Johnnny said...

This is how Johnnny feels about Jacob Lusk, as a performing singer. These were my comments jotted down during the big show: Sang Alone by Heart. Lusky. Beginning sucked. Over the top. Too much. Then more. Loses control. Heaven help me. Make him stop. Lusky.