Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Eleven 2 Nine

Follow the Yellow Brick Road
American Idol performance show on March 30 featured songs by Elton Johnny. Singing an Elton John song is a difficult task because he sings them so wonderfully. How do you think everyone did? Here are my notes in order of performance:

1: Scotty with guitar, Country Comfort, my favorite song by him so far. (B-)
2: Naima goes reggae, loved it, made it her own. (A-)
3: Paul tries Rocket Man, OK, but actually not OK. (C)
4: Pia sings yet another ballad, every week seems the same, getting old. (B+)
5: Stefano sings an excellent karaoke version of Tiny Dancer. Not great. (B)
6: Lauren attempted Candle in the Wind, nothing special, didn't do it for me. (B)
7: James leads an OK singalong version of Saturday, not my fav of his. (A-)
8: Thia sang Daniel, just barely OK, nuthin spec, average karaoke, pitchy. (C+)
9: Casey, Your Song, really nice, loved it, nice new look too. (A)
10: Jacob sang Sorry and that's what it was, way too overly dramatic, lusky. (D)
11: Haley with Benny and the Jets, started loungy, weak imitation, jets crashed. (C-)

Bottom Group Wish List: Thia, Haley, Jacob. Sorry!


Reagan James' Mom said...

I missed the first three: Scotty, Naima & Paul. Cogstar, however, watched his first American Idol of 2011! He said, "Please send Paul and Thia home immediately. Thank you. Whatevawhoyouare!"

Here's my take:

Pia: Beautiful voice/girl. I agree about the ballads but I thought this one was more upbeat. I liked it.
Stefano: Decent.
Lauren: She hasn't been one of my faves but I thought she did a really nice job. She was cute.
James: He did the rock star thing. I like him, but I don't think it was his best...and he's no Adam Lambert!
Thai: Sounded pretty but not strong enough.
Casey: Super duper!
Jacob: Good voice but not my style.
Haley: I think she's been rising up the last couple weeks...I dug it!

Bottom: Thia & Jacob

Reagan James' Mom said...

Oops...Thia. Guess I had Thai food on my mind!

Beth said...

Top 3:
Haley - Johnnny, what are you missing here?!?? She did great and it was fun, sexy version of it.

Casey - liked everything about his performance - incuding haircut and beard trim.

Naima - judges said it didn't really work but I liked it too. Funky and fun and suited her.

I normally really like James but this version was lame.

Bottom 3:
Thia - boring, not strong enough
Jacob - "What do we gotta do to make you stop singing?"
Paul - Dude, you really can't sing.

Insignificant: Stefano, Pia and fast becoming the most annoying person on the show, Lauren.

Going home - I wish it will be Jacob and Thia

Ellen said...

Predict James, Casey, Pia, Naima and Haley will be duking it out for top four/five. Bring on the boxer gloves... (Will still buy Paul's new cd anytime. Who else has a raspy-ness like that to his voice? Maybe Rod Steward? But will concede, my buddy Paul may not be in top four anymore...:( )
But enough about that...
Guess what I just heard on Froggy radio--Casey and Haley are a real life couple! Very touchy, feely, spend-all-their-alone-time-together type bff's, sources at the AI mansion say. So watch the body language on THAT one tonight for even MORE drama. (She did cry tears of joy when judges used their save on him. Anyone catch that one?)
Well, this is Ellen, reporting live for Johnny's World. Remember, you heard it here first! Well, ok, maybe second...pretty promptly, at an rate.

Kit said...

Scotty: Not bad. His fans will keep him on for another week.

Naima: Pretty cool, although not much range. Love any song done as a reggae version.

Paul: Should've sung "Levon". Leaving out all the high notes in "Rocket Man" left it, well, not rocket-y. In trouble?

Pia: I'm so over Miss America.

Stefano: What was up with chopping up the lyrics and only singing the chorus basically? Didn't appreciate that.

Lauren; I like her. Even got a few goosebumps at one point during that performance. Not perfect, but...

James: Well, it's pretty obvious that they're playing him down for a week...that was just silly. Too bad, because he could've really rocked something from EJ.

Thia: She could be great, but never is. Time to go.

Casey: Yes. Hellooooo! Loved the makeover and the song - even teared up a little. Best of the night.

Jacob: Thought he was going to have a bawlfest. In his defense, the arrangement pretty much forced him to go to the ultra-drama. Still, agree with you , Brenna, not my style. At all.

Haley: Right on, Beth! Cool sexy performance. Especially liked the 1st half - that Ella sound is good for her.

Bye Bye Thia. Paul could be in trouble too if his fans convert to Casey-ites after last night.

Ellen: thanks for the inside info! I'll be watching for evidence of a budding romance.

Johnnny said...

Good bye to Thia and Naima! Paul dodged a bullet in the bottom three.

Reagan James' Mom said...

I didn't see the results show. I'm not surprised by the bottom three and the final cut. I liked Naima, though, and wish she could have traded places with Jacob!