Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Another Season

Point Man: Steven Tyler
The American Idol end-game begins again in this first week of March. Twelve guys perform on Tuesday and twelve girls reciprocate on Wednesday. Then on Thursday, we will most likely go from 24 down to the Top 20. Kit and I already have some favorites, and some nicknames, but will leave that for the comment section below. Please feel free to let your initial thoughts be known on this year's competition and judging.


Kit said...

Another year of Idol indeed. Last night was pretty's interesting how in the beginning I really don't have strong feelings for anyone, but I'm sure that will change in a few weeks.

Faves from Week 1:

Casey, "I Put a Spell on You"
I wasn't nutso about this song for him, but after his performance in Vegas (or Hollywood?) where he played the upright bass I'm definitely sucked in to his originality and talent. He already stands out for me as the guy I'm looking forward to watching.

James Durbin, "Another thing Coming"
Well, I don't think he's as talented as Adam Lambert but it's fun to watch someone with that huge range just go wild. Also, I have a lot of respect for the way he's overcoming his disease and rocking out under so much pressure. Thought he was good.

Paul, "Maggie"
Again, didn't really like the song, but his voice is cool when he gets the song choice right (soft a capella type). I think he should chill on the teeth whitening, though, yikes.

Did NOT like:

Jordan, "OMG"
Yeah, OMG that was bad. If you're going to do an Usher classic, you better at least have the moves to hide the fact that there's not much real singing going on. Not a fan.

Brett, "Light my Fire"
Ugh, I thought this was creepy and awful. He reminds me of the lead singer from Simply Red in the 80's. He always creeped me out too.

Not sure about:
Scotty the country boy. He's got a really great sound for country, but I don't see how he could ever do anything else. Not much range for an Idol contestant, in my opinion.

Going Home: Hopefully Carrot Top Brett

Ellen said...

Kit, we seem to be on the same wavelength--Casey, James and Paul--definitely in the top 5. Casey can sing Maggie to us any time he wants. Like the new Kenny Loggins.
Gotta go--girls night is on!

Reagan James' Mom said...

Hey, hey...the next season is on!

I think I'll be able to watch more this year. However, I've only seen one episode so far...the one where they cut it down to 40 & J.Lo cried when she let that curly haired guy go. There were some singers that stood out to me but I don't "evey" know their names. It will be fun to see if any of my faves (for now) match some of yours. Of course we all know our faves can change over the next few months.

Thanks for getting the conversation going, Johnnny!

Johnnny said...

Good job with all the comments! It looks like Casey (Bassy), James (Winky), and Paul (Whitey) are favorites on the guy side. Johnnny also likes Jordan.

On the girl side: There are two Laurens. I do not like the one that looks like a witch, but do like the other one (Lauran Alaina who just turned 16). Pia Toscano would be my favorite (she sang last) and also like her twin sister, Julie Zorrilla from Columbia. Thia Megia also has a great voice (age 15!).

Did anyone get the impression that we are going from 24 down to 10 on tonight's show? Normally it goes from 24 to 20. I cannot imagine that at this stage of the game, they are going to cut 14 people!

Beth said...

I think for the most part, America got it right last night.

My favs: Pia, James, Naima and Stephano, Casey (kinda)

Least: Ashton, Scotty (too one-dimensional), Paul - AGREE KIT ON THE TEETH WHITENING! Completely distracting and I don't get the voice and awkward dance moves.

On the fence: Lauren - she's obviously talented but she's kind of an attention-seeker. Same goes for the Karen Rodriguez. Ok, I get it your Latino and you bond with JLo. Show me something.

Beth said...
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Ellen said...

Love the shade of lipstick Steven has on in this picture. What will he wear next?
Heard the funniest thing on the radio the other day...
Simon Cowell was being interviewed. Told the reporter he hasn't watched the new show but his 86 year old mother is. She called him and said "You're not on the show anymore..." "No, mom, I'm not", Simon answered. (note to reader: I'm going by my memory here, Simon says this is a true story...)Mother replied, "Well then, tell Randy hi. I really like that Jennifer on the show. But tell Paula I think she looks tired..."

Johnnny said...

That is a funny story. It seems that Steven and J-Lo usually give fluffy feedback, and Randy dishes out the true and real criticisms (that express my thoughts). The next show is Wednesday from 7-9PM Central Time. The finalists perform songs by their favorite artists. We shall see.

Ellen said...

We have a new judge on American Idol--his name is Herb Doele. Herb says:
"See ya, Thia."
"Not carin' for Karen."
"Pia's gonna"

Ellen said...

4 favs coming out for me. They are: Haley (quit pickin on her judges--she is great!), Naima, James and Casey. And Paul gets 50 points for working that stage--somebody bottle that!