Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Am Idol

American Idol Notes - March 25, 2009
Motown Week
(In order of performance - with overall "Grade")
Matt G: A Awesome performance, started on piano, a front runner.
Kris A: B+ Nice sound & performance, too repetitive, narrow range.
Scottsdale: F Please leave to put me out of my misery. Please.
Megan: D Sounded terrible, doesn't move well, sucked overall.
Anoop: D Too slow, lame, pitchy falsetto, not good dood.
Mike S: C- OK but below par, not a winner, lounge act feel.
Lil Rounds: C- Weird hair, yelling, did not meet expectations.
Adam: A+ Wow! Could have won the whole thing with this performance! Looked like Kurt Russell with the Elvis hairdo. Incredible vocal range. Best performance of season 8.
Danny G: B+ OK but nothing special, seemed too rushed.
Allison: A- Great song choice to show off her pipes, not real likeable.


Reagan James' Mom said...

Thanks to Obama screwing up the TV schedule last night I got to watch most of AI tonight -- first time this season! I only missed the first two singers...Matt & Kris.

The definite highligts were Adam and Allison. Here's my take on the gang...

Scott: Nice guy but he just doesn't have that star quality.
Megan: Oh boy -- not good. But at least she did something a little different, it's just too bad it sucked.
Anoop: Nice voice but the performance was too sleepy.
Michael: I liked it more than the judges -- I thought it was pretty good.
Lil: I thought she looked the Motown part. I agreed with Randy that it seemed rushed. Not her best performance but she deserves to move on.
Adam: Wow, how refreshing! I loved it. And I like this look a lot better -- he looked handsome.
Danny: Great energy, good performance.
Allison: She rocked it out. She reminded me a little of Kelly Clarkson. I liked it!

Bottom two: Scott & Megan
I only picked two since I missed the first two singers. I'd like to see Scott get booted before Megan. I'd like to see her get another shot and see if she can redeem herself.

Beth said...

In the midst of flood chaos - I was everyone but Danny and Allison's performance although I did see snippets of it.
Adam is clearly the front runner - and he certainly endeared himself to viewers with his retro look.
To me, Lil is blowin' it - two weeks in a row. She is clearly a gifted singer but has floundered the last two weeks.
Allison sounded good from what I could see but she's a little rough around the edges. Lose the red hair! It didn't work for Gina Glocksen and it won't work for you honey!
Mercifully, please send Scott or Megan home. America is tired of you ...

Johnnny said...

Bye Bye Michael Sarver. Back to the oil rigs. Best Wishes, Mr. Roughneck.

Reagan James' Mom said...

I didn't get to watch the show but was surprised that Megan was not in the bottom three! Michael is a nice guy but he obviously wasn't going to be the winner so I guess it was fine for him to go. Plus, it didn't seem like it was his life-long dream...he left very grateful and happy which was cool. However, I'd rather watch another week of him rather than Scott.