Tuesday, March 3, 2009

American Idol Notes 3

American Idol Notes. March 3, 2009.

Idol Notes:
1. Von Smith - weak voice. yells. energetic. vocal=4 look=5.
2. Taylor Vaifanua - genericly ok. forgettable. vocal=6 look=6.5.
3. Alex - dorky raspy growly screamy & uncool. vocal=4 look=4.
4. Ariana - button cute but depressingly dreary. vocal=6 look=7.5.
5. Ju'Not - nice & likeable. reserved but good. vocal=7.5 look=6.
6. Kristen - karaoke host & it showed. alice in wonderland. vocal=3 look=3.
7. Nat - nose-ring cryboy. please leave. future drag queen. vocal=2 look=1.
8. Felecia - resurrected to top 36. pretty good. vocal=6 look=7.
9. Scott from Scottsdale - not hot but has a chance. vocal=6 look=7.
10. Kendall Beard - cute country girl. vocals ok. vocal=6.5 look=8.
11. Jorge Nunez - likeable guy. accentuous. vocal=7 look=7.
12. Lil Rounds - wow. already a star. powerhouse. wow. vocal=8 look=8.

3rd place..........Kendall Beard

2nd place..........Ju'Not!
1st place..........Lil Rounds!


Reagan James' Mom said...

Hey Johnnny:

It was fun to read your comments even though I didn't get to see the show. I went online to watch the recap but it's not posted yet -- I'll check back tomorrow. As soon as I watch it I'll send my comments. :)


Reagan James' Dad said...

I haven't watched any of A Merican Idol 2009er, but I did just read Super Uncle Johnnny's commentage about it. My favorite 6 syllables are "nose-ring cryboy. please leave."

Thank you,

Kit said...

I heard a few comments on talk shows today saying the show is over and Lil Rounds has already won. Hopefully someone else in the competition will turn on the star power, but she's clearly miles ahead of most. I wonder if it's a coincidence that she was the last singer in the last group of twelve. Hmmmm...

Some of these contestants just boggle my mind, and again I'm thinking that the producers of this show are really selling their audience short. It's just really hard to believe that after the tens of thousands of entrants, the best they could find included Nat, Alex, Kristen or Von. I mean seriously.

I'm looking forward to the final 12when they've hopefully weeded out the intentional sacrificial geeks so we can get down to some decent singing. Hieeeeeeee!

Beth said...

Worst round of 12! Alex and Nathan??!!?!?!? C'mon! Makes me want Norman Gentle back! :O)
What was the deal that they asked Felicia back? Has that ever happened before?
My predictions:
3rd - Fecilia
2nd - JuNot (or however you spell his name)
1st - do I even need to say it.

Scott might be the wild card. I think people will vote for him because of his story vs. his singing prowess.

Reagan James' Mom said...

My predictiions are:
1st...Lil Rounds

I actually liked Kristen. Her little "whoa" in the middle of the song was a little dorky but I thought she was good. Kendall was good, too, just not personally one of my favs because of the country vibe. And Ju'Not's performance was nice, just not exciting or unique.

Beth said...

Very disappointing to see who they brought back - Tatiana?!?!?
This show is losing it for me. Just crown Lil and get it over with.

Johnnny said...

I mist the show last night due to a short haircut appointment. (The appointment wasn't short - my haircut is.) So, I don't even know what's going on anymore. All I heard via a cell phone call to my lovely wife half way thru the show, was that blind luck worked in favor of Scott from Scottsdale (and against Kendall Beard - who I liked.)

TMiles said...

Tatiana needs to find her medication because she clearly is not taking it. I also think Jorge Nunez cries too much. I like Anoooooop (he went to UNC and so did Elizabeth and a happy wife = a happy home). I also like Megan Corkery because she has a good voice, a nice smile and a killer arm tat.

Johnnny said...

Tom, I concur with the "Happy Wife, Happy Life" scenario. I just got off the phone with Simon and the situation is this: We're going to add to the final 12 Megan Joy Corkrey, Mishavonna Henson AND Kendall Beard. Adam Scream Smirker Iguana Tongue will be dropped. Nose-ring CryBoy (Nat) will start a new show called Nose-Ring Idol. The season 8 favorites are: Alexis Grace, Danny's Gokie, and Lil' Rounds (as opposed to Big Rounds). End of comment.

Reagan James' Mom said...

I didn't see the results show either but I'm glad to hear Megan and Jesse got called back as wild cards! However, I'm bummed about Mishavonna.

I won't be able to watch tonight either so I'll look for your comments when I get home...and I'll check the AI website as well to see if they've posted the performances (so far it seems like they post them the following day).