Tuesday, March 17, 2009

American Idolization

Americano Idolizer Notations
from March 17, 2009'er
Happy Saint Patricia's Day

For the Top Eleven Big Show, here is a little different format for the show notes. Jumping right into the Conclusion Phase which is sprinkled with some details.

Those singers who could all be immediately flushed from the finalists:

Michael Sarver: Showed he can memorize well, but lacking any star quality.
Allison Irahetta: Strainy sound of her voice is irritating plus looks freakish.
Scott from Scottsdale: End of the road time for a nice guy but not going to win.
Adam Ant Iguana Boy George: If it's a love/hate thing, then sorry, but a slow weird evil Egyptian version of Ring of Fire is not going to be on a CD under my Christmas Tree.

Either great performances tonight, or have enough to be in smaller subset of finalists:

Kris Allen: Really sounded good with a slower ballet. Sang well in what IS a singing competition.
Little Rounds: Country music not her thang but did well enough to still impress.
Alexis Grace: Song choice (Jolene) was poor but still a strong favorite from this perspective.
Daniel Go-Key: Strong great emotional performance. He still has it and affects the listener.
Anooooop: Biggest surprise of the eve. Deserves to be in final smaller group.
Megan Joy: Nice retro look and feel. For being quite sick, she deserves to go on.
Matt Giraud: Following four strong performance, he definitely made it five strong performances.


Reagan James' Mom said...


I only got to see the last four singers, but I did get to see the recap -- so at least I got a taste of the others. Here are my comments:

Danny: Pretty strong performance.
Anoop: Really liked his version -- great job.
Megan: I really like her sound but I'm wondering if she can do anything else. If I went to her concert I'm wondering if it would get a little old. And has she ever moved away from the microphone stand? She can't just stand there and do that wierd wiggle movement song after song. Don't get me wrong, I'm a fan and I hope she moves on, I just think as the weeks go on she may need to show a little more diversity. She's like David Archuletta in a way -- really great in one specific sound (so far anyway).
Matt: He was good but I wasn't as crazy about him as the judges.

What did the judges say to Adam? His performance looked pretty out there.

From the little bit I saw of the others here is who I think could be in the bottom three:

Michael, Scott & Adam

Kit said...

Interesting Night!

I agree with Johnnny's picks for ins and outs, except I'm guessing Adam will stay on. He is such a hard one to rate...he's got a range that is truly unbelievable, but that doesn't mean it's fun to listen to him. I thought his leather pants and overtly sexual performance were kind of out of place on Idol...seems like they'd be more appropriate in some dive alternative bar in Minneapolis. I liked "different" when it was Blake, but this dude has too much of a creepy vibe for me.

Also, I agree with Brenna regarding Megan. I like her, but am also getting a little bored with the wiggle dance and retro voice. Seems like she needs to show some depth. I'll give her a pass this week since she had the flu, but she's going to need to do more than just look pretty and hope for the Duffy-lovers vote.

Chris might be the sleeper of the competition so far. I really liked him last week, and thought he was solid again this week. He even dropped the guitar, which shows he's not totally dependent on it (like Jason dreadlocks from last year). Plus, what a cutie.

Danny Gokey seems the clear favorite. I wouldn't mind seeing him win.

Alexis...possibly a better voice than Lil Rounds?! Still, a cool song choice from her would be refreshing for once.

At least it feels like they do actually have talent now, which seemed questionable a while back. FUN!

Johnnny said...

I agree and disagree with everything that has been said, so far. I also reserve the right to change my mind, from time to time, as a person.

Beth said...

Bottom three:
Michael, Scott and Allison

I'm not a big Megan fan but this was one of her better performances. Patsy Cline was a good choice for her.

Didn't Randy Travis' facial expressions pretty much say it all when he worked with Adam?!?!? That was an absolute classic. I am the outsider here but I thought his rendition of Ring of Fire was cool in a creepy kind of way. That David Bowie wannabe can sing!!! My sister in law said it best - he's a cross between Elvis and Axl Rose. It's true!

Danny = Predictable. HATED THE SONG.
Alexis = Not the best effort
Kris = Overrated!!!!! It's a good thing he's cute.
Lil = Still strong consistently although I wish she would have picked a better song
Anoop = you go dawg!
Matt = zzzzzzzzzzzz, boring

Gone: Allison

Johnnny said...

Beth, I hope you are right on Allison being flushed. If so, then she won't be in the Top 10 and get to go on tour to a town near us. She is like a bad impersonation of Janis Joplin, except there's no Janis and there's expecially* no Joplin. (*extra especially)

Johnnny said...

A most terrible ending to the March 18 elimination show. Terrible decision and terrible format in which it played out. I totally agreed that Michael Sarver and Allison Irritatta should be in the BOTTOM THREE. But then to add ALEXIS YOUR GRACE to the dregs was wrong. I did vote for her five times so at least I tried to help prevent something like this. And then to not use the Judges' One-Time Save for Alexis Grace, c'mon!? Perhaps it's time to boycott the show and go out and enjoy the robins chirping in the warm spring air. Plus, I still would have to listen to non-stellar roughneck Mike and Allihetta The Red. Thirty-one million people got it wrong and four judges chose not to remedy this travesty of a mockery of a sham of a mockery of a travesty of two mockeries of a sham. Any questions? Good-bye. Bad-bye.

Reagan James' Mom said...

I got the elimination news from Johnnny's comments and then went to some AI articles to read a little more. It sounds like most everybody was shocked and disappointed with Alexis going home AND that the judges didn't save her. However, I can understand them wanting to hold on to their "save" until it gets closer to the end.

Even though I didn't get to hear Alexis last night I was hoping one of the guys were going to get the ax (particularly Michael or Scott).

Beth said...

Honestly - who is worth a "save" on that show? Adam and Danny will always have the votes. Who they hell would they save it for? Sorry Simon - you blew that one buddy.

Did you read that they taped David Cook performing live for the audience after the results show? It will air April 1. I'm still holding out hope he'll come back around to Minneapolis this summer!

Johnnny said...

I didn't like the elimination of Ms. Grace because she was one of my top favs from the beginning. Who am I s'posed to get excited about now? Scottsdale Scott? It's also a brilliant decision to let Alexis fall from Grace and end up with 7 guys and 3 girls to go on the Top 10 tour?! If oil-rigger Michael Sarver would've been allowed to go home to his 3.5 year old daughter who is wondering why her daddy doesn't love her any more, then at least the Top 10 tour would have had 4 females to counter the 6 males when they couple up. Stupid.

Kit said...

Hmmm...this seems fishy. I'm really starting to think this show is rigged. Did anyone catch the comment made by Scottsdale Scott about how he got a bad hat draw last week? Are we to infer that the contestants are actually assigned songs and then bashed later for picking them?
I also thought it was pretty coincidental that Alexis was singing for her life with verses like "my life is in your hands" and don't take my man away "just because you can". Seemed so designed, like they knew she'd be getting cut so they gave her that song to sing. I don't know, maybe I'm getting too cynical, but how could Alexis have gotten the least amount of votes?

Beth said...

Now that you say that Kit all those things do seem pretty odd. Good sleuthing!