Thursday, March 5, 2009

American Idol Notes 4

American Idol Notes. March 5, 2009.

Idol Notes for Wild Card Week:

Jessie Langseth (Jonny Lang's sister): vocal=8 look=8.5
Matt Giraud: vocal=8 look=6
Megan Alanis Morisettee Joy Corkrey: vocal=7 look=7
Von: vocal=5 look=4
Jazzmin: vocal=5.9 look=7
Ricky Baddy: vocal=6 look=6
Tatiana's Del Toro: vocal=7 look=6
Anoooooop: vocal=7 look=8

Kit & Johnnny possible top group predictions were:
Jessie, Matt, Megan, Anoooop Dog.

Final Results:
1. Jasmine....YES!
2. Ricky.........bye bye.
3/4. Megan OR Tatiana.......MEGAN!
(Tatiana: don't make a scene!)
5. Jessie......."you nearly made it".
6. Von..........negatorial.
7/8. Matt OR Anoooop......MATT!


What a majorly major surprise ending.


Beth said...

I know I couldn't believe - but I'm glad. I've always liked Anoop - even if he sang the same song twice. Matt gave a good performance too. You know how you give me shit about Adam's quirkiness. I JUST DON'T GET MEGAN. Her performance was awful!

Reagan James' Mom said...

Thanks for the results, Johnnny. I'm so glad Megan is in! I haven't heard the other three sing yet so I can't comment on them. You all seem to like Anoop so I'm happy he made it to the TOP 13 as well.

I only have two weeks left of my Tuesday night class and then I'll be able to keep up with all the AI commentage!!

Johnnny said...

So, the final Baker's Dozen are:
Grieving Danny Robert Downy Jr Gokie, Young Mom Favorite Alexis Grace, Oil-Rigger Rough-Neck Michael Sarva, Red & Raw Allison Irahetta, Cutie Boy Kris Allen, Iguana Tongue Scream Smirker Adam Ant Lambert, Big Powerhouse Lil' Rounds, Tearful Jorge Nunez, Sight-Challenged Scott from Scottsdale, Too-Young Mississippi Jasmine Murray, Too-Tattooed Megan Joy Corkrey, Anooop Dog Desai, Matt Vince Vaughn Giraud.

Beth said...

Johnny - can you ask Kit if she remembers giving me some of her Brazilian Verbena (Verbena bonariensis). I was looking through my seeds for this spring and I couldn't find it and I can't remember if she gave me any!!!!!! Thanks!!!!